Scope of the bachelor thesis: That’s the optimal length

Is there a uniform specification of how long a bachelor thesis has to be? No – we’ll help you with the orientation and tell you how long you need for 30 pages.

A bachelor thesis has between 20-60 pages. The desired number of pages or words can vary significantly depending on the university, subject area, examiner and duration of the course. Usually you already find in the examination regulations of your university specific requirements for the bachelor thesis. If not, you should always contact your examiner. In principle, all text pages from the introduction to the conclusion flow into the calculation of the scope of your thesis. Tables, illustrations, table of contents, bibliography, appendices, statutory declaration and cover sheet, however, are not counted. Here you can find out where you can find the necessary requirements for the bachelor thesis and what options the layout offers to make minor corrections.

Guidelines for the scope of the bachelor thesis

As a rule, the scope of a bachelor thesis is between 20 and 60 pages. However, there are no uniform guidelines nationwide. While some universities specify the concrete number of words required for a bachelor’s thesis, others merely quote ranges of page numbers.

Attention: Anyone who fails to meet the requirements of his / her university or subject area with regard to the required Bachelor’s thesis length must reckon with a lower overall rating!

Page number depends on subject area and duration of processing

Almost always the examination regulations of your university contain concrete information about the scope of your bachelor thesis. However, sometimes the individual departments have separate regulations regarding the Bachelor thesis length. That’s why you should clarify at the first meeting with your examiner, which extent your bachelor thesis should actually have. Pay close attention to whether he is talking about page numbers or words. The more tables and graphics you use in your thesis, the greater the deviation of both values!

In addition, the scope of your bachelor thesis course also depends on the granted processing time. In principle, the longer the processing time, the more page numbers your thesis may contain.

Attention: The Bachelor thesis scope is always quality before quantity! First and foremost, it is about the technical content. So it is better to write fewer pages and place greater emphasis on a particularly clear structure and a meaningful question. So you show your examiner that you can narrow down your scientific bachelor thesis theme and condense accordingly.

Observe specifications

Many universities and faculties also have precise rules on formatting, such as font, line spacing, and margins. For example, some only allow the use of Times New Roman and Arial. Also for this you usually find concrete information in the examination regulations. If not, you should ask your examiner.

Our tip: To avoid nasty surprises in the end, make sure you set the font size and the desired line spacing correctly before you start writing your thesis!

Layout Tips for Scope Correction

Anyone who notices after writing that the scope of their bachelor thesis is a little too big or too small can make even smaller corrections by means of layout.

You wrote too much

Are you setting z. For example, if you find that your bachelor thesis has too many pages, you should take a close look at your thesis again. What is not absolutely necessary, must be shortened. In addition, you can reduce the amount by adjusting the font. To fit z. For example, in Times New Roman especially many characters on one page.

You have not written enough

On the other hand, if you find that you have not written enough words for your bachelor thesis, you can make your thesis appear longer by changing the font used or by adjusting margins and line spacing. When changing from Times New Roman to Verdana takes z. For example, the page number of your bachelor thesis increases by 12%. However, you have to be careful in such changes hellish that you always move within the limits allowed! Failure to comply with the guidelines can quickly lead to a deduction in the rating.

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