Master Thesis Scope: The right length

How many pages do you have to write at least – and how many at most? How to find the right length for your master thesis and how long you write on 50 pages – here you will find out.

Key facts at a glance

The “one, ideal length” for your master’s thesis does not exist.

Ask the exact specifications of your first examiner and stick to it.

The scope of your master thesis also depends on the duration of the thesis.

So you determine the extent of your master thesis correctly

Your studies are almost done and now it’s time to write your master thesis. In doing so, you should pay particular attention to the circumference, which must not be too small or too large.

Inform yourself about specifications for length and Co.

Inform yourself in advance about the formal requirements that you must adhere to. You can find them in your examination regulations under the section on the preparation of the thesis. If you are unsure: ask your first examiner. He knows his requirements and can usually help you. The third option is to consult the Examination Board. Also ask if pages or words are counted and also if and how many graphics or tables should be included in the body text.

General guidelines provide clarity

In order to get an idea of ​​what to expect when writing your master’s thesis in scope, you should inform yourself in advance about guide values. Typically, the scope of a master’s thesis is 12,000 to 20,000 words, which is about 40 to 70 pages of plain text content. However, there are subjects that allow up to 120 pages of content. Some examination regulations merely indicate a processing time and leave the question of a number of words or pages completely open.

Master Thesis: Calculate the circumference correctly

Not everything that you put together in the end is also part of the scope of your master thesis. Basically, all pages are from the introduction to the conclusion and conclusion word as content. However, you can not add any directories of any kind, such as your table of contents, attachments or cover pages. If you need to keep a certain number of pages, determine how to count blank pages that are formatting. Of course, if you get a word count, it does not matter to you.

Stick to the rules

The top priority is to adhere to the requirements of the examination regulations. Avoid exceeding or falling below the required number of words or pages. Keep the formatting and follow the sentence: “quality instead of quantity”.

Tricks for your layout – push the master thesis in scope

With a few simple tricks you can optimize the scope of your master thesis, save space and win a few lines.

You wrote too much:

  • Check your text for unnecessary filler words and delete them.
  • In the printer menu, turn on “automatic hyphenation” and turn off “paragraph control”.
  • Change the font – often changes the scope.
  • Minimize the character size.
  • Instead of putting the footnotes to the end of the text, place the footnotes.
  • Vary the distance between the header and footer to save space.

You have written too little:

  • Add one or the other noise word.
  • If you have not already done so, deactivate the “automatic hyphenation” in the printer menu and then the “paragraph control”.
  • By changing the font you can win pages.
  • Maximize the character size.
Place the footnotes at the bottom of the page.

However, one thing always applies and we repeat ourselves consciously: Check the specifications of the examiner and stick to it! Then everything will go smoothly with your master thesis and its scope.

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